Orbit Block

It is a short game where the goal is to defend the Earth from incoming asteroids. It can be done by shielding it with its moon. Everything here is interacted with the Spacebar key only.


Use the Spacebar key to change direction or click buttons.


Art and Programming
  • Made with Aseprite and Godot respectively
Sound Effects
Background Musics


Orbit_Block_Windows_x64.zip 26 MB
Orbit_Block_Windows_x32.zip 26 MB
Orbit_Block_Linux_x64.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

1. Choose the file you need base on your Operating System.

2. Download and extract the files.

3. Launch the executable file and start playing!

Development log


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This nails the simple pick-up-and-play feel. The 2 different items restoring health for the moon or earth respectively gave it enough complexity to keep it interesting for the entire time playing. The sprite work is fantastic!

Really pretty game, the Earth looks really cool!

Amazing, feels very retro and very well polished, absolutely love it.

Thank you! I was also aiming for the retro feel so I'm happy it worked!

This could easily be a NES title from the past or an arcade game that time forgot, I cant wait to see what else you create.

very good and addictive game with good art style and not stressful gameplay

Thank goodness it's not stressful ^^"
It is also due to that it does not increases the difficulty as the time passes

(1 edit)

Amazing job, it was short but awesome gameplay, it has a great ballance between the music, mecanic, strategy and sounds. Simply Awesome! Great gob!

Thank you! ^^

I chose the musics carefully on how they will emphasize the menus!

Your welcome! I really enjoyed it!

Amazing art style, love the creative twist on the menus. 10/10, the best game I ever played. Every second was worth it.

I'm happy to know your thoughts about it. Thank you for playing the game!

Wow thats one sharp game great job!

Thank you very much!