Only Once Upon A Time

A simple, short puzzle game

Princess Freya was poisoned! In order to help her reach the exit and hopefully heal, you must guide her steps carefully!

There are also pickups which can restore their respective keys.


  • The player can move Princess Freya with either the WASD or arrow keys.
  • The movement is tile by tile.
  • Pickups restore lost action keys.
  • The goal to each room is to reach the exit, that is guided with royal carpets.
  • Remember, there are NO SAVES AND RESETS. You can only hard reset via refreshing the webpage.


  • W  or ↑ = move up
  • A or ← = move left
  • S or ↓ = move down
  • D or → = move right


Release date Oct 14, 2022
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few seconds


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Really liked the concept, visuals, and it played well!! I do agree with others that a restart to main menu at least would have been nice, but as I see it was done for game jam it's an understandable choice and does make you consider your choices more carefully, not just going for trial and error. 

What's here is quite fun and if you do decide to come back to this game, just adding more levels would be more than enough really. 

Well Done!!!

Hello! I'm glad that you liked the overall gameplay!

I really do want to get back on the game and add more puzzles and contents in it! Still as of now it will take some time as I'm doing other stuff..

In regards to the gameplay, I really like the idea that once the keys have been used, they're gone, unless they've been picked up again.

Now, thinking about it, I remember playing a game wherein the keys can be used or not depending on the player's course of action.

It is a 2d puzzle platformer wherein the player must put the keys as platforms to traverse the levels, but by doing so, it limits/removes the other inputs/controls; it was all great experience!


Gave up right outta the gate. I'm not sure what I'm really doing.

literally cant even make it out of the first room :-(


Hi! It's possible to make it out of every room.
Remember, for each direction there are two moves in total:
- WASD keys
- Arrow keys
If the keys were run out, then the webpage must be refreshed as there are no restart feature in this game.


kinda broke it straight away...

I'm sorry about it!
I'll make a separate version of it with fixes and some new content.

Can't wait to see it! If you need more feedback don't be afraid to let me know!

No sound?

T-T it is very difficult because there is no savepoints, or at least reset of the current room

Happy to know that you found it difficult, but I'm sorry about the experience.

With that, I'll add the features that you suggested to the polished version, so thanks for suggesting!


Yes there is no audio in this game.
I was not able to make one because the deadline for the game submission was near at that time.

I plan on making a much polished (separate) version of this game in the future.

LOVE the artstyle and super cool idea!!

Glad you liked it!

Btw, have you reached the end?

Yeah, I thought it was super creative :)