Pixel Jump!

Remember Doodle Jump? Well, meet Doodle the Doodler in lower resolution! Still beware! Unlike the first and official iteration, this one is not much forgiving as the latter.


  • A or = move left
  • D or = move right
  • Enter or Return key = to advance from title and end screens

Doodle can only move left and right, and thus bounces automatically on platforms just as from the original game.


  • You can leave few crumbling platforms the way they are so that they can shield Doodle from incoming projectiles.


I just thought of what I did with the Jump Scare game, and that made me question my sanity, i.e., 'why haven't I made a fanmade low-res, hardcore Doodle Jump instead?', and so I did. Regarding the length of gameplay, I plan on adding more levels (can't do it right away since I'm doing other games at the moment).


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Doodle Jump made in Pocket Platformer, lol. But the music isn't in a loop and it's impossible from the first level, because of the projectiles that appear every second (despite your tip).

Yeah about the music, it has a bug apparently; I'll see to it if either I can fix the bug or not.