Note: Please play the XPHF version for a much reasonable experience! It contains several patches regarding the game jam release.

Gather as much souls as you can with Yuuka's sunflowers! Shoot and kill Japanese Goblins to gain their souls!

Yuuka's Defense for Sunflowers (優香のひまわりの守り) is a short, action shooter platformer game wherein the player plays as Yuuka Kazami, and the goal is to gather as much souls within the given limited time.

Souls can be dropped by slain Japanese Goblins, and these pesky creatures (as what Yuuka describes them as) can be killed by shooting sunflowers towards them. Yuuka can also switch between chibi and dekai forms which changes the play style.


move left
move right
jump, use again for double jump; varies depending on Yuuka's size
shoot bullets; the bullet's size and power depends on Yuuka's form
Uswitch to chibi form: small and fast but with low jump and small bullets
Oswitch to dekai form: tall and slow but with high jump and huge bullets

  • Timer - each game session starts with a 2 minute-timer. This timer can gain additional time when picking up souls.
  • Soul - released and dropped by a dead goblin. Adds 5 seconds to the timer.
  • Shrine - spawns the goblins. We don't know how and why (only the goblins know).

This is a fan game and is a derivative work of Zun's Touhou Project, and I do not claim any of his works in any form as my own. This derivative work accords to Zun's Copyrights and Terms of Use.

Thoughts, ideas, and messages regarding the game can be read in the Pastebin or in this Development Log. The only difference between the two is that the updates in Pastebin is always merged while the Development Log's does not.

🎃 A very spooky halloween to all Japanese Goblins. 💀


Yuuka' 20 MB
Yuuka' 20 MB
Yuuka' 21 MB
Yuuka' 21 MB
Yuuka' 20 MB
Yuuka' 20 MB
Yuuka' 21 MB
Yuuka' 21 MB

Install instructions

  1. Choose the file you need based on you operating system and download it.
  2. Extract and run! Kill the goblins!

Development log


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Game Jam Updates

Note: The only thing being updated here post-deadline is this itch page, and the separate releases. The version that was submitted during the game jam period remains the same.


  • Submitted game jam version
  • The game is playable in HTML5 format.
  • Added description in the game's itch page.


  • Decorated the game's itch page.
  • Added executable files for Windows and Linux.
  • The executable files are the same version as the HTML5 format.
  • Updated description of the game in its itch page.
  • Added Development Logs.
  • Added patch releases.

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i really dig the art style! just a little confused on how to play

Oh I'm sorry I uploaded it earlier, my mistake!
I uploaded it earlier just in case that I might have went beyond the deadline.
It turns out that it is not over yet due to the different time zones, and I'm still working on it!

I'll update the game once its done! (Sorry I really forgot that I haven't made the URL secret yet, I'll make edit it now)

Hi! I've already made the patch before the deadline, so it's more playable now.
The controls are now written in the description, as well as in the game when pausing it.

sweet! I’ll def give it a try 


I ended up getting up to 51 i dig it a lot!

That was high! Considering the lots of goblins!